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Global consulting company

Staff augmentation to build new and expand existing products

Our Client is an international consulting company thant offers professional services for enterprises. We cooperated with is an easy-to-use, flexible software for actuarial & financial reporting.

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Team extension
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Front-end development
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Project details

As there is a constant challenge for the Client's team to develop new products, they decided around 2017 to scale the team with external developers. The main need was for front-end and .NET developers to build new and expand existing products. IN Team provided an experienced and flexible team that started with 5 people and grew to over 20 over time.

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Global consulting company Global consulting company

They are the best IT team extension company we've worked with so far. Their mix of experience and flexibility is really something unique. It made scaling our team easy by delivering reliable developers with a proven commercial track record in a short time.

IT Manager,
Global Consulting Company


Scale the team for the first time

The Client came to IN Team without previous experience with staff augmentatic through external developers. As there were many new projects coming in, they decided to scale the team with front-end and .NET developers. The Client needed reliable people with a proven a proven commercial track record in a short time.

Develop new and expand on existing products

The development team delivers end-to-end data analytics and technology solutions for various industries, ranging from banking and retail to insurance. This creates a need to constantly develop new solutions, as well as expand and update the existing ones. As the backlog of the projects was always growing, The Client decided to look for a company that will allow them to scale the team quickly and efficiently in a flexible manner. That's where IN Team came into play.


Deliver reliable and experienced team members

As the Client is a global consulting company with an established reputation, the products they develop have to be top-notch. That;s why the main requirement was to provide developers with proven commercial experience. In the beginning we delivered 5 people to work under the Client’s Technical Leader as Proof of Concept. Over time the number of frony-end and .NET developers from IN Tean scaled to 10+ , as they prepared to build new products and expand on the functionalities of the existing ones

Flexibility is the key

At some point during our work together, the need to scale the team vastly increased. The Client had to bring in new developers in a really short time. That’s where we decided to step in and expand our team, which provided much-needed support for the consulting company. Since then, our flexibility is a valable and much-appreciated asset for our Client.


High-quality projects and ongoing cooperation

Since the beginning of our work together in 2017, The Client managed to release a dozen updated versions of existing applications and build a few major products from scratch. One of them is an easy-to-use, flexible software for actuarial & financial reporting that is used extensively by customers across the globe. As they are happy with the performance of developers provided by IN Team, we constantly expand their team with ongoing cooperation.