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Our Client is an international consulting company that offers professional services for enterprises. We cooperated with a team of consultants and software developers building software for banks. One of the Client’s products is an internal system that helps manage financial risk. Users install the software on-premise and utilize it to prepare regulatory reports.


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Project details

The client decided to change the architecture of the internal reporting system for banks and migrate it to a new technology stack. They wanted to have a single-page application (SPA) at the front-end of our system. However, they didn’t have any internal developers who were familiar with a SPA approach, so they reached out to us.

„IN Team’s new architecture has been crucial to the development process. The team has integrated seamlessly with the internal culture and adapted quickly to various work methodologies. They learn quickly on the job and have continuously improved over time.”


International Consulting Company
International Consulting Enterprise


Existing application analysis

The existing application consisted of more than 100 subpages. We had to perform a thorough analysis of the application logic and functionality to create the front-end upgrade roadmap. Using the prepared roadmap we were able to plan out the new app architecture and select the proper technologies, and tools for implementation.

Migrating front-end to a new tech stack

We had to replicate the functionality of the old app in the new one. The new architecture had to follow the approach of sharing components across different modules. This makes adding new features to the application easier and quicker. The new application had to offer a revamped, more user-friendly design which was supposed to make the interaction with the app more intuitive.


Cooperation with the UX team

Our developer worked with the external agency during the process of designing the new UI. It allowed our developers to understand the principles of the new design which helped build new views. The new views had to replicate the existing functionality but made access to it easier and more intuitive. Close cooperation with the UI team also helped us build a library of reusable components that are styled consistently and follow the design.

New frontend architecture

We build the new application from scratch using the Aurelia framework. The new architecture follows the best standards for single-page application (SPA) development. We built a library of reusable components. Some of them use components from the Kendo UI library while others are fully custom. This approach makes developing future features easier and quicker.


High-quality product and ongoing cooperation

We successfully built the new application which replaced the old one. The high-quality product is used in enterprises and meets the highest corporate standards. It was made possible by high test coverage of the codebase. The new application is praised for allowing the management of highly complicated financial processes in a simple and intuitive way. In the ongoing cooperation, our team works on new features for the application.

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