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Equals Money is a Fintech company based in the UK. It offers a robust platform that includes expense management, international payments and currency cards, among others. Company focuses on both enterprise and individual customers, with products available in the UK, Europe and the US.


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Project details

Equals Money and IN Team’s partnership started with two React developers to reinforce the Client’s internal team and continue adding new features to the product. Since then our team added .NET and Node,js consultants to the mix, adding much needed expertise to the project.

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„Their highly collaborative work model allowed us to get started and adapt quickly. The resource has allowed us to deliver against our 20/21 roadmaps, launching new products to market and increasing company revenue by over 70%”

Richard Coombes

VP of Technology
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Scaling the team to meet the business needs

As Equals Money was growing business wise, there was a need for additional tech team members to deliver new functionalities to the platform. The client was looking for a partner who could bring in a highly skilled pool of talent that could be scaled quickly and with minimum overhead on their existing teams.

Elevating the product

With Equals Money’s customer base growing and the expansion to the US and European markets, the client faced the challenge of augmenting their development capacities to meet the evolving demands of their industry. 

With a multitude of ongoing projects and a need for specialized expertise in React, .NET, and Node.js, they sought a solution that would enable them to scale their development team rapidly without compromising on quality.


Complex team to tackle development challenges

Working together for over two years, IN Team provided the client with over twenty developers in React, .NET and Node.js teams. These consultants are strategically embedded within Equals Money’s existing development teams, seamlessly integrating into their workflows.

The IN Team consultants assumed diverse project roles within Equals Money’s teams, ranging from development to leadership positions. This approach ensured that Equals Money could leverage the full spectrum of expertise offered by the IN Team consultants

Developing secure financial platform

Capitalizing on IN Team’s expertise in .NET, the client successfully develops a secure financial platform complete with a payments system that adheres to the rigorous standards of ISO 20022. Beyond this milestone, IN Team’s consultants played instrumental roles in seamlessly developing bank integrations through the implementation of the FIX protocol, as well as orchestrating migrations from legacy .NET frameworks. 

This strategic approach not only unlocked access to cutting-edge features but also optimized system performance while ensuring the long-term maintainability and supportability of their software infrastructure.

React consultants to streamline the development

IN Team’s React consultants have been instrumental in fueling the client’s innovation journey, enriching their financial platform with a myriad of compelling features. From seamlessly implementing whitelabeling functionalities to crafting a unified design system, our consultants have played a pivotal role in enhancing both user experience and brand identity on the platform.

Moreover, their expertise has seamlessly extended to integrating a diverse array of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, Roqett, and Marqeta. Through the development of custom UI components, we have ensured that the payment process is not just efficient but also seamlessly intuitive for users, further enhancing their overall experience.

Leveraging Node.js in the backend

IN Team’s Node.js engineers proved invaluable in facilitating the client’s ongoing transition from JavaScript to TypeScript, a move that not only enhanced code maintainability but also fortified the platform’s robustness. Additionally, their expertise in optimizing cloud costs was showcased through the implementation of a single table design in AWS DynamoDB, streamlining database operations and minimizing resource expenditure. 

Moreover, their meticulous approach ensured that the client’s APIs remained consistently up-to-date and reliable, bolstered by comprehensive documentation that streamlined development processes and fostered seamless integration across the platform. Developing a financial platform calls for the highest security, which was fulfilled by adhering to the PCI DSS standards.


Delivering new products to the market and increasing the revenue

With IN Team’s help the client has launched new products to the market and increased their revenue by 70%. Working as a part of the client’s internal team was essential in delivering the roadmap and increasing overall team development capacity. 


Consultants’ commitment to excellence and adherence to best practices in software engineering were instrumental in delivering a high-quality solution that positioned Equals Money as a trusted leader in the UK payment solutions industry.

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