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AltaPay is a Fintech company based in Denmark. It offers end-to-end payment and financial management solutions, making it easier for businesses to handle transactions and streamline the process for their customers. Solution allows merchants to process payments Online, on Mobile and In Store with one single connection and platform.







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The Client approached us with a project needing developers to expand on the existing fintech solution. The primary objective was to reinforce the Client’s internal team with Java consultants to meet 2023 roadmap and integrate new payments solution in the product.

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„I’ve always found interactions with IN Team to be both streamlined, light, and effective. IN Team always seeks ways to improve, and have a process for ensuring the collaboration is going according to expectations. We were able to move very fast, and adapt accordingly, rather than having to discuss in advance too many details. „

Esteban Michalowski

Chief Technology Officer


Expand the team capacity to meet the 2023 roadmap

Altapay’s 2023 product roadmap was packed with exciting new features, which demanded a high amount of workload to deliver everything on time. That’s where IN Team came to play, providing senior Java developers to support the product development and design.

Deliver new payment methods to Altapay’s clients

As the development of Altapay’s platform continued, the client wanted to integrate new payment methods for merchants to establish their position as the leader in the end-to-end payment processing landscape.


Senior Java Consultants to streamline the development

In response to AltaPay’s need to bolster their development team’s capacity to support the workload outlined in their 2023 roadmap, IN Team provided the client with senior Java Consultants. Leveraging their extensive backgrounds in software development, they seamlessly integrated into AltaPay’s cross-functional team, swiftly adapting to the company’s culture and workflow. 

Their contributions proved instrumental in accelerating the execution of critical projects outlined in the roadmap, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality or scalability.

Improve products framework for delivering new payment methods

IN Team consultants played a pivotal role in the development of a scalable and secure platform for AltaPay, empowering merchants to seamlessly execute and administrate payments while offering partners the flexibility to integrate and innovate upon AltaPay’s product. Huge factor was placed on the security (compliance with PCI DSS 4.0) and seamless customer and merchant journey while utilizing the solution.

Leveraging their expertise in software development and payment solutions, the consultants collaborated closely with AltaPay’s internal team to establish a robust platform architecture that prioritized scalability, security, and flexibility. Through meticulous planning, design, and implementation, they ensured that the platform met the diverse needs of merchants and partners, providing a seamless payment experience while accommodating future growth and innovation. In order to provide as many payment methods as possible the team have been developing and maintaining integrations with PayPal, Klarna, MobilePay, Shift4 and more


New features are added with 70% less effort than before

Technical prowess of IN Team consultants enabled the client to add new product features with 70% less effort. Working as a part of the client’s internal team was essential in delivering the 2023 roadmap and increasing overall team development capacity. 

Consultants’ commitment to excellence and adherence to best practices in software engineering were instrumental in delivering a high-quality solution that positioned AltaPay as a trusted leader in the Danish payment solutions industry.

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