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NeuroFlash is a company that helps copywriters, brand strategists, and agencies in content creation and brand management. It applies Natural Language Processing, customer psychology, and SEO principles to analyze the perception of content. The platform offers content creation assistance, copy variations comparison, and the most relevant topics discovery tool.

Creating engaging content that generates conversions is not an easy task. You have to be aware of what is most important for your audience, how your message is going to be perceived across markets and cultures, and how to attract customers. NeuroFlash platform helps content creators by giving an unbiased ranking of different messages. You can check whether the text has the right tone. Brand strategists can make sure that the message is aligned with the core values of the brand.







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The Client approached us with the task of building an easy-to-use frontend layer for the application. We had to build a cutting-edge solution for data visualization with custom graphs. We decided to offer a team extension that involved frontend development, automated testing, and support in the app delivery.

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„They effectively assess a project and allocate the matching resources, which gives confidence that you are in good hands. Issues and tasks are handled proactively and communication stands on a firm ground of mutual understanding and goals. You are not hiring an external resource, but you are gaining a team member.”

Gordian Ratajczak

Product Owner @ Neuroflash
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Visualizing data in an intuitive way

The Client had an idea for a graph to show the relations between different words. The graph had to combine features of a radar graph and a heat map. It was necessary to show the users’ information in an intuitive way without analyzing tabular data.

Building a high-performance app

The platform processes a high volume of data. We had to review the existing solution and build an architecture that would guarantee high performance and reliability.


Creating the custom graphs

We started our cooperation with a 2-week on-site workshop which resulted in delivering the custom graph and components built with D3.js and SVG. It helped us understand the system and solve the Client’s problem as a proof-of-concept.

Rebuilding the existing solution

We identified weak spots in the existing solution and rebuilt it using React and the most recent tools from its ecosystem. We used Redux to manage the app’s complex state. Users can store sessions and projects.

Providing support in the app delivery

We worked closely with the Client’s DevOps team to ensure minimal downtime and Continuous Delivery. We helped with our experience to research and implement the best CI/CD solution.


Successful product and ongoing cooperation

We’ve been working for 3+ years in the Team Extension model to help our Client develop the product. The platform is now used by 30 customers in more than 20 countries.


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