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“Detailed knowledge and a deep understanding of technologies form the foundation for our team’s ability to solve complex and challenging business problems through software.”

— Kamil Rostkowski / Founder of IN Team

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AngularJS to Angular migration

Migrating legacy web apps to the newest Angular stack using an incremental approach.
  • Mixing Angular.js and Angular code in one app, getting rid of the need to maintain two applications.
  • App architecture redesign as a part of the migration.


Real-time data visualization using Canvas

Development of Canvas components to visualize complex, real-time data.
  • Designing a low-level communication protocol.
  • Handling transfer gaps.
  • Making asynchronous communication look synchronous.


Mixing monorepo and npm package approaches

Working with great scale products mixing monorepo and npm package approaches over a widespread repository structure.
  • Successful maintenance of integrity for non-linearly updated repositories.

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Real-time communication using WebSockets

Working with one-way and two-way communication between server and client handling long-lived connections at scale. Implementation of:
  • authentication,
  • heartbeat,
  • reconnect,
  • and resuming message mechanisms.


Release quickly whenever needed, even on Friday afternoon

Releasing features and bug fixes rapidly thanks to the introduction of a highly automated release process.
  •  Testing pull requests automatically and releasing when ready.


WCAG accessibility principles implemented in web & mobile

Designing and building products accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Keyboard accessibility.
  • Text readability and UI consistency regardless of layouts and platforms.
  • Introducing accessibility testing strategies.

Hear from our Clients

"They allowed us to deliver against our 20/21 roadmaps,
launching new products to market and increasing company revenue by over 70%."

Richard Coombes

Head of Engineering @ Equals Money
Equals money
“They’ve garnered our confidence and loyalty through their technical skills and the deep involvement.”

Graem Lourens

Co-Founder & CTO @ Lourens Systems
Lourens Systems
"They effectively assess a project and allocate the matching resources, which gives confidence that you are in good hands. Issues and tasks are handled proactively and communication stands on a firm ground of mutual understanding and goals. You are not hiring an external resource, but you are gaining a team member."

Gordian Ratajczak

Product Owner @ Neuroflash
"I’ve always found interactions with IN Team to be both streamlined, light, and effective. IN Team always seeks ways to improve, and have a process for ensuring the collaboration is going according to expectations."

Esteban Michalowski

CTO @ AltaPay
"The quality of their work is excellent. Their development support was a critical factor in successfully launching our business. They invested thoughtful consideration into the build phase and carefully tailored every aspect of the product."

Marcin Gruchała

Managing Partner @ ExeMed
"Their technical skills are exceptional compared to other local developers. The team has integrated seamlessly with the internal culture and adapted quickly to various work methodologies. They learn quickly on the job and have continuously improved over time."

IT Director
International Consulting Company

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