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“Detailed knowledge and a deep understanding of technologies form the foundation for our team’s ability to solve complex and challenging business problems through software.”

— Kamil Rostkowski / Founder of IN Team

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Reducing product costs by migrating to Node.js

Limiting the product tech-stack to TypeScript language only.
  • Smaller team size.
  • Eased communication between FE, BE and OPS teams.
  • Saving money on Cloud by handling more requests in a single thread.


Lower costs due to AWS DynamoDB single-table design

Proper understanding of cloud services is crucial for implementing efficient cloud native solutions.
  • Implementing an AWS DynamoDB single-table design correctly and understanding data access patterns thoroughly.
  • The infrastructure part and the application part done by the same team or in close collaboration with the DevOps team.


Business logic and infrastructure using AWS CDK

Getting rid of the traditional separation of development team and DevOps that often leads to not optimal solutions in terms of performance and costs.
  • Giving developers operational responsibilities to improve understanding of the services they use allowing them to enhance the performance at the design and infrastructure level.
  • One team using the same set of skills to work on both business logic and infrastructure by leveraging TypeScript, Node.js and AWS CDK.

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Rewriting Express.js app to an AWS cloud native solution

Developing working prototypes fast and refactoring solutions to scale for huge loads using Node.js.
  • Leveraging Node.js as one of the fastest environments when switching to serverless computing like AWS lambda.
  • Refactoring existing traditional Node.js applications (for example written in Express.js) to a cloud native solution using the same programming language.


Always up-to-date, reliable API and documentation

Building public, stable and reliable APIs by introducing:
  • strict typed communication protocol,
  • implementing validation layer,
  • Node.js middleware,
  • REST and React clients that guarantee proper message format,
  • auto-documentation compliant with OpenAPI standard,
  • github auto-release strategy.


Multiple payment options: credit card, bank transfer, Roqqett and Marqeta

Introducing various payment methods including credit card, bank transfer and integrations with external payment systems.
  • Building a Node.js secure payment engine that processes thousands of transactions every minute.


Financial app development in an environment compliant with PCI DSS

Knowledge of security policies and procedures of credit, debit and cash card transactions.
  • Working securely within regulated financial areas, especially PCI DSS standards, and building global-scale products handling payment card data.

Hear from our Clients

"They allowed us to deliver against our 20/21 roadmaps,
launching new products to market and increasing company revenue by over 70%."

Richard Coombes

Head of Engineering @ Equals Money
Equals money
“They’ve garnered our confidence and loyalty through their technical skills and the deep involvement.”

Graem Lourens

Co-Founder & CTO @ Lourens Systems
Lourens Systems
"They effectively assess a project and allocate the matching resources, which gives confidence that you are in good hands. Issues and tasks are handled proactively and communication stands on a firm ground of mutual understanding and goals. You are not hiring an external resource, but you are gaining a team member."

Gordian Ratajczak

Product Owner @ Neuroflash
"I’ve always found interactions with IN Team to be both streamlined, light, and effective. IN Team always seeks ways to improve, and have a process for ensuring the collaboration is going according to expectations."

Esteban Michalowski

CTO @ AltaPay
"The quality of their work is excellent. Their development support was a critical factor in successfully launching our business. They invested thoughtful consideration into the build phase and carefully tailored every aspect of the product."

Marcin Gruchała

Managing Partner @ ExeMed
"Their technical skills are exceptional compared to other local developers. The team has integrated seamlessly with the internal culture and adapted quickly to various work methodologies. They learn quickly on the job and have continuously improved over time."

IT Director
International Consulting Company

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